New Products

At Rileys we are constantly striving to deliver our customer demands. Therefore, we place a significant importance on innovative thinking, which has always been one of our hallmarks. Innovation may be in the form of completely new products and concepts, modifications to existing products or additions to our existing product range. Our R&D team together with our designers are constantly engaged in this product development process to cater for our customer demands whilst at the same time giving us the competitive edge to drive the business forward.

New Combination Mats

Thermo-felt Printed Mats

We are pleased to unveil the latest additions to our product range. These PVC backed thermo-felt printed mats are an ideal supplement to our existing sublimation mat range and can be used in kitchens and hallways as runners, in children’s rooms’ play areas, the living room area, as prayer mats and numerous other uses.

Product Info
  • Can be custom printed
  • Hand washable
  • Can be easily vacuumed
  • Water absorbable
  • Durable
Standard Sizes
  • 8 × 5 feet (244 × 151 cm)
  • 6 × 3 feet (183 × 92 cm)
  • 6 × 2 feet (183 × 61 cm)
  • Other sizes available on request