Corporate Social Responsibility

At Rileys we firmly believe in conducting our business in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible way. Our success depends on these 3 key factors. Being economical helps us to be a sustainable business. Society provides us with the workforce and the locality required which is the lifeblood of the business and the environment provides us with the core raw materials of our products, coir fibre and rubber. Hence it is our duty to take due care of these 3 key aspects and we are proud to say that at Rileys we constantly take the necessary action in this regard.

We are SA 8000:2008 certified where we have policies and procedures in place which protects the basic human rights of our employees. These include the existence of a suitable and safe work environment, avoidance of child labour, adherence to minimum wage laws, no discrimination etcetera.

We are also ISO 14001:2004 certified, where we have a sound framework to achieve and effective environmental management system. Furthermore we are REACH compliant which ensures adequate measures are taken to control the hazardous chemical emissions into the environment. Our core raw material, the coir fibre which is predominantly used in our products, itself is a natural product which is 100% bio degradable and the rubber we use is 100% recycled which keeps the environmental impact to a minimum.

On top of these, Rileys prides themselves as being a notable corporate citizen. As such we make significant contributions to society through social investments and philanthropy programs. Our aim is to be a pillar of strength to our stakeholders, particularly the locality, suppliers & employees.

Project Athwela

With the theme “Exposing New Avenues, Enriching New Generations,” Project Athwela is the Rileys foundation for community development. The objective of the project is to develop a sustainable supplier base for Rileys through eradicating poverty in rural areas of Sri Lanka by providing necessary assistance to families in developing their skills, knowledge and income through education and training on the benefits/uses of coconut husk fibre for twisted fibre brushes and rods.

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Annual Religious Ceremony

2016 - July

Rileys organized their annual religious ceremony, aimed at providing blessings to the company & its employees, on 16th July 2016 at the main factory premises in Katana.

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AIDS Awareness Program

2016 - June

An HIV & AIDS awareness programme was organised through the Negombo Labour Department on 17th June 2016. The programme was attended by 167 participants. A presentation with facts and figures, a short film and a discussion was used to communicate and educate the seriousness of the disease to the participants

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Flood Relief

2016 - May

Due to persistent rain across the Island in the month of May 2016, many areas of the country were affected by severe flooding. Like many people, some of the Rileys Employees were also affected leading to damaged dwellings, loss of possessions and disrupting their normal lifestyle. Rileys was quick to identify those affected and after reviewing the damages, provided financial support so that they could resume their normal lives.

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Hospital Renovation – Negombo

2016 - April

Negombo is the closest main city to the Rileys Factory at Katana. Due to the deteriorating condition of the main building at the Negombo General Hospital, it had to be evacuated. Whilst most of the patients were transferred to nearby hospitals, the General Clinic continued its operations within the same location albeit on a makeshift location.

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